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In today’s digital world, being aware of what is being published in the form of tweets, facebook posts, blogs and YouTube uploads, is vital to any successful and effective branding strategy. The explosion of social media channels provides invaluable customer insights for businesses that are capable of integrating social platforms with their traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

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Social care is a growing opportunity for businesses to foster strong customer relationships. The costs for social care is lower than telephone and email channels and there is a real benefit from a customer experience perspective—consumers with positive social care experiences are more likely to recommend a brand to others.

“Social Care” is becoming a business necessity as more consumers utilise social media channels to request for customer service. Leading companies monitor and listen at the brand and product level for customer questions, issues, needs and concerns, and responds to customer requests via the social channels that customers use.

Upstream BPO offers a range of social media solutions from strategy, through monitoring, social customer care and collaboration. Our specific services include:

  • Social Media Strategy

    • Social Media Listening & Analytics

      • Social Customer Care – Process Integration, Workflow & Social Care Outsourcing

      Upstream’s social care team listens, understands and responds for our clients. The team monitors the web for information about the company and its competitors and scans the conversations on relevant topics. The understanding part is typically structuring such information, breaking it down so that clients are aware of specific trends and issues and non-relevant information is filtered out. Once the social care team understands the context for a specific customer’s request, they respond appropriately with timely, accurate, and friendly responses.

      Our dedicated social care team has a separate hiring process and they are trained on how to manage a brand’s reputation. Compared to conventional customer contact channels, social care is highly visible and public, therefore social care handlers are equipped with response guidelines rather than standard scripts, so that they are able to resolve issues quickly and continuously adapt the “conversations” to make it genuine.

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