Reactivating Existing / Dormant Clients

It’s much cheaper doing business with existing clients than finding new ones, nurturing relationships and trying to close new deals.

Customer retention is the most important investment

Every business will lose customers over time due to external factors such as financial circumstances or a change in location or requirements, but for those who simply forgot about you or had a negative experience, all is not lost.

Customer retention is the most important investment any business can make. That’s because the cost of acquiring new business is five times higher than that of maintaining an existing customer. Once you’ve gone to the trouble (and cost) of gaining a new customer, you’re going to want to hold onto them for dear life.

The Upstream BPO Service

Upstream BPO’s trained and highly-skilled outbound agents, with the aid of your client database, will reintroduce your company and its products and services to your dormant clients in a high-impact, benefit-led way through telephone calls, letters, direct mail or an SMS campaign.

Each contact will be followed-up with a phone call ensuring your lapsed or inactive clients know yours is a business that thinks about the needs of its customers and you’re prepared to put the effort into rebuilding your relationship Upstream BPO’s comprehensive Customer retention service includes –


  • Identify Your Dormant Customers
  • Data Hygiene and Enhancement
  • Email Messaging for Reactivation
  • Outbound call for Reactivation
  • Design rewards Program