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Your customers are our customers too

In today’s always-on, consumer-driven world, customer experience is everything. And while the experience of care may not be why a customer chooses to do business with you, it’s often their reason for churning away. For most businesses, customer satisfaction is mission-critical to survival. That’s why we make it our mission to deliver exceptional experiences for you.

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Full service across every major sector

Upstream BPO provides a full range of customer contact services, including customer care, technical support, loyalty management, outbound and inbound sales. Through both human and digital approaches, we help our clients reduce costs, enable scale and drive revenue growth.

We have a proven record working with Large and SME businesses

We deliver THE BEST!

Our confidence in being able to provide a comprehensive customer services operation is based on the fact that we spend time and effort learning about your business, your products and services and most importantly, your customers. We are an extension of your business and callers can be safe in the knowledge they are speaking to agents that are representing your company, its culture and its brand values.

We can address the specific concerns of your customers in a polite and friendly way, but also use our skills, where appropriate, to up-sell and cross-sell your products and services.

By both understanding our clients’ businesses and developing a clear insight into the issues that face their customers, upstream BPO quickly become well placed to take on an entire customer services operation.

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Deep experience and proven results

Upstream BPO is a proven leader in customer care, with deep experience across solutions, industries and domains.

Since inception, Upstream BPO Customer Services have consistently maintained a 95% client retention rate, delivering value for our clients and demonstrating our commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes. As a strategic partner and trusted advisor, we’ve retained a majority of our clients for over 5 years.

Outcomes matter

upstream BPO consistently delivers meaningful business outcomes and orchestrates exceptional experiences for our clients. Our ability to scale rapidly and provide tailored, industry-specific solutions across functions and geographies has enabled us to drive significant ROI for our clients through the years.

With vast years of experience across sectors, we leverage leading practices across many customer services solutions to help our clients accelerate business innovation.

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Global reach and scale

  • 500 + associates
  • Delivering Customer services to 18 countries
  • 14 languages supported from multiple locations

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Delivering customer services to 18 countries


14 different languages


Deep domain, multiple industries


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