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Consumers today have high expectation when they engage with a company’s contact centre – they expect one that is brand-consistent, seamless, and easily navigable. They want to engage with your brand on their terms, regardless of channel, and they expect their experience to be smooth, engaging, and productive. Customers expect to get their questions answered and issues resolved quickly and with unprecedented ease.

Selecting the call center for your business can be difficult and confusing. That is precisely why upstream BPO exists! Our call centers will work directly with you and become an extension of your business. Call centers in the Worldwide Network have been chosen carefully over the past years and are matched precisely to all your business requirements.

upstream BPO best call centre in Malaysia

Call Center Services offered by Upstream BPO include

  • Customer Support: Provide order status help, handle ordering problems, enrollment, reservations, and more.

  • 24/7 or Overflow Call Center:provide  of your inbound call center needs or handle calls after hours, overflow or during peak seasons.

  • Order Processing: Outsource your catalog orders and literature fulfillment, and leave every caller with a positive impression of your company.

  • Marketing Support: Conduct market research, clean up, and qualify marketing lists, generate leads, retain customers, and much more.

  • New Customer Acquisition: Hire the right company for Inbound sales, up-selling, appointment
    setting and lead qualification to instantly transfer hot leads to sales.

  • Technical Support Hire a 24/7 call center with the experience, training, and knowledge to act as your Tech Support Team.

  • Helpdesk: Troubleshoot and solve internal technical issues.

  • Bilingual Agents:Serve your customers in various languages.

  • High quality accent:neutral English speaking agents.

Providing real-time visibility

Into all interaction types – including digital and phone, and access to centrally stored knowledge base enables the customer service team to:

  • Push the right contextual knowledge to the agent desktop to empower customer service agents with the right information to service your customers.

  • Capture end-to-end customer feedback via Voice of the Customer Surveys and Social Media Listening.

  • Keep your customers in the loop with proactive communications


We assisted our client with excellent results and specialized in

  • Inbound call services
  • Outbound call services
  • Appointment Setting
  • Telemarketing
  • Lead generation
  • Data gathering
  • Order taking
  • Complain Management
  • Technical support

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