Benefits of Having an E commerce retail website

After reading this topic you will be amazed to know that how important, easy and beneficial to do retail business online by having eCommerce website

1. No boundaries and borders

Having a physical store mean you can reach people around your location and its time bound, having retail business through eCommerce website, means you can reach anywhere any time, its business which is open 24/7 and with fully automated mechanism it almost runs and maintain by itself.

2. New customers with search engines

In Physical store customers attract from branding or references, no other mean, eCommerce give extra edge, you can reach new customers from search engines and other social Medias.

3. Lesser cost

Best advantage of having a eCommerce website is lesser cost, for physical store means expenses like Rent, inventory shelves, utility bills, security, salaries etc, with eCommerce retail platform all these expenses become nil and you can either enjoy more profit or can reduce cost to attract more new customers.

4. Product sorting

Imagine if you are running a tool hardware shop from small nails to big machines there could be thousands to product you are selling, you need a very good system to maintain and track them physically. One of the best eCommerce website function is that you can sort according to categories and further subcategories thus easy for your visitor to chose and compare.

5. Time factor

Nowadays everyone complain about not having enough time, who is going to drive even 4 km to buy a hammer? Looking for parking, pay parking, spend gasoline and drive in traffic. With eCommerce retail business your customers can sit at home enjoying his coffee and browsing through your website from his device, choose from different verity you are offering and order and pay online. And you get that money straight in your account.

6. Product and price Comparison

Who don’t want a good bargain? With eCommerce retail website your customer can easily go through different price and products in just click of that mouse button.

7. Offering discount

With eCommerce web site you can make different kind of promotion, coupons, discounts, group buying discounts etc or mix and match offers in just seconds. In physical shop same thing will take at least a month to do it, more over you need to change bar-codes data or do other inventory.

8. Product Information

Imagine if you have a physical shop and you salesperson at counter is not having a good day. He is not giving enough information to customer about product. In eCommerce platform you can give as much detailed information about you product as you can and drill down further and further to an atom level.

9. 24/7 Business

Physical shop is time bound; you need to close the shutters at least once in 24 hours. Even its is 24/7 it means increase in expenses, eCommerce website without an extra cost can run 24/7 without any breaks, means you can sell anything while you are sleeping or while having a vacation.

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