B2B Lead Generation Services

Upstream BPO is the Most Reliable Award winning B2B lead generation company

We know who are your potential customers

Trusted by businesses in the Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and around APEC region to be their consistent provider of sales opportunities. By being their remote marketing arm, we help companies across industries like SaaS,IT and Software, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Finance, and Advertising find the best quality leads with the greatest chance of becoming profitable customers.

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Perfect B2B Lead Generation Partner

Backed by quality data, skilled people and a Expert marketing team, we set your company up for success with account-based marketing and B2B lead generation Service.

We have a proven record working with Large and SME businesses

We deliver THE BEST!

Our confidence in being able to provide a comprehensive customer services operation is based on the fact that we spend time and effort learning about your business, your products and services and most importantly, your customers. We are an extension of your business

Our Expert B2B Lead generation team power your customer acquisition by providing a steady stream of leads to your sales teams, be they office-based or working offsite.

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Get your marketing running on all gears

By combining the power of our in-house campaign management platform, Upstream BPO Pipeline, we create a more seamless, end-to-end customer acquisition process to drive your sales and grow your revenue.

How Our Lead Generation Service Works


compile a list of companies that match your target customer profile


profile key prospects and stakeholders within target companies


connect with prospects across all channels using relevant communication media


set and confirm appointments with the right people

Global reach and scale

  • 500 + associates
  • Delivering Customer services to 18 countries
  • 14 languages supported from multiple locations

Outcomes matter

upstream BPO consistently delivers meaningful business outcomes and orchestrates exceptional experiences for our clients. Our ability to scale rapidly and provide tailored, industry-specific solutions across functions and geographies has enabled us to drive significant ROI for our clients through the years.

With vast years of experience across sectors, we leverage leading practices across many customer services solutions to help our clients accelerate business innovation.

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